I’m an enthusiastic, versatile and problem solving person.

My passion for food and photography runs back to my childhood when my grandmather use to cook real food every day, making handmade pasta, gnocchi or ravioli.

The smell of the tomato sauce or the meat or whatever was going on in the kitchen, it was spreading all over the house since early morning!

She use to entertain me with tales and pictures of the family restaurant between 1930 and 1950.

I was completely fascinated and my brain was fulfilled with love and dreams for images of people, relatives, places, animals, food and more!

I have done many things in my life but  I have been working in the food and service industry ever since I was Fifteen.

In 2009 together with my wife Rosalinda I was running a Chocolate and Coffee Establishment in Los Angeles .

While managing the store, I graduated in Photography at Santa Monica College. I was lucky to learn from established PRO photographers and prestigious Trainers.

Our first Client was a division of Campbell Soup; they needed Socialmedia images for their new brands. We  become specialized in food & product photography creating social media contents, packaging, editorials, video recipes, and more.

The new business was growing fast and we were working with many accounts.

Personal reasons toke us back to Italy; later on my wife passed away and I had to reorganise my self.

I’ve been working with many Advertising Agencies, Socialmedia Strategists, Food Industries and Food Packaging companies.

I’m flexible, dynamic, competitive and fast. I work with a team of people depending on each job.

Deborah Nania is my Prop specialist and Food Economist; Sabrina Piana is my assistant and Socialmedia Manager.


Located in the country side it’s unconventional, well equipped with Profoto Lighting system, many light modifiers, stands, background. Annexed: the kitchen with all kind of props, plates, silvers, glasses, cloths.

The outdoor, the patio and the garden makes the location ideal also for natural light scenario.

Our garden offers a variety of fresh herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables; essential support to great food photography.

Via Provinciale n. 19 – 28015 Momo (NO) Italy

( +39 ) 335.13.66.909